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It’s not the kind of sadness to where you cry all the time, but more of like the sadness that overwhelms your entire body, leaving your heart aching and your stomach empty. Making you feel weak and tired. And yet, you can’t even sleep cause the sadness is in your dreams too. It’s almost a sadness you can’t escape.

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This is what I believe triggered my arthritis this week. I have been so down for a week now. Worried, sad, scared. I’ve even cried a times, because the sadness was so overwhelming. I only can fall asleep when my body finally grows exhausted enough. I have been in pain; physically, emotionally and mentally. I have wanted to scream, but was to tired to even do that. My heart has been heavy. I am so sorry I could do nothing more than watch and wait.


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Please stop beating yourself up. You did nothing wrong.



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