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schalakitty asked:

Seph and Lazard in their date night threads, ready for a night out please! Your choice as to verse. :3



This Lazard is being driven around by a chauffeur. And he’s nine. Cait Sith is already watching from the bushes and ready to follow. There’s not a lot to worry about. Except Reeve’s tie getting covered in pizza sauce, or something.

I will forever find the outfits of this verse to be the cutest things. Thank y ou for this Crab!



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Larger Size avaliable on my Deviantart 

Just an addition: If you don’t have any beeswax around, a dryer sheet does the same job of stopping your thread from tangling so much! :) I have one stashed in my sewing box, you can use it over and over again!


The mortician realizes something terrible, and he gasps and chokes on his cookie.


-“Mun! How could y’ un-follow your dear ol’ Undertaker??!!”

He climbs into his coffin to pout, wondering what in death’s name he did wrong.


It was an accident! I was editing your blog and I must have accidentally hit “Unfollow”. Don’t panic…I’ve re-followed you now that I realize what I did.

*Pets the muse*

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